Nov 2015

This analysis explores the concept of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), which is designed to work in conjunction with peace and development efforts in order to provide a "soft" approach towards countering terrorism. After describing the origins and evolution of the CVE concept, which is designed to tackle the structural causes of violent extremism, the analysis' authors then highlight five reasons why those who work in the human rights, development and peacebuilding fields have concerns about CVE. Finally, the authors consider the possibility of Switzerland creating its own national Countering Violent Extremism strategy.

Download English (PDF, 4 pages, 755 KB)
German (PDF, 4 pages, 770 KB)
French (PDF, 4 pages, 767 KB)
Author Owen Frazer, Christian Nünlist
Series CSS Analysis in Security Policy
Issue 183
Publisher Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Copyright © 2015 Center for Security Studies (CSS), ETH Zurich
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