Organizations and Resources Network

The International Relations and Security Network (ISN) was an open access information service located at ETH Zurich. Its mission was 1) to facilitate international relations (IR) and security-related dialogue and cooperation within a network of organizations, professionals and students, and 2) to provide open-source research tools and materials in accessible ways. In practical terms, this means that the ISN collated and shared IR and security-centered content from its approximately 250 partners throughout the world and maintains a freely accessible multimedia library that provides tens-of-thousands of IR and security-related materials. In 2016, the ISN was fully integrated into its parent organization, the Center for Security Studies, as CSS Resources.

Established 1994
Address International Relations and Security Network (ISN) ETH Zurich Haldeneggsteig 4, IFW A 48 8092 Zurich Switzerland
Telephone +41 44 632 72 93

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